Why your hair do not grow?

You take care of them the best you can and regularly cut ends, and they still do not want to grow. Why? Probably your hair are damaged or weak and your organism deals with some more or less significant health problems. Read below, why hair do not grow.hair-w

It is assumed that hair grow about 1 cm/0.39 in each month. If they are dry at ends, you may not notice the difference in length. What grows at the roots is breaking or crumble at the ends. In a situation like this we can deal with hair that “stay” in one place. Did you know that streaks can damage and become dry because of improper care? It includes also combing. Use of wrong or badly made hair brush can lead to split ends and breakage at hair ends and slower their growth.

Contrary to appearances, hair cut every two months will not accelerate their growth. You cut 2 cm/0.79 in of ends, while they grow 1 cm/0.39 in a month. You are right by saying that hair look better, because cutting always make them a bit more “fresh” and you get rid of damaged ends. However, instead of shortening your hair, strengthen follicles and bulbs, but also take care of the scalp.

Hair growth can be also limited by health issues. There can be enumerated hormonal fluctuations. If you suspect such condition with yourself, do the blood test and go see the doctor, who will probably prescribe some medication for it. The most prosaic reason for hair not to grow are scalp diseases. Those can lead to weakening of hair or even hair loss. To the most common conditions influencing hair and scalp condition are: atopic eczema, greasy dandruff, scalp fungus, scalp dryness or dry dandruff. Sebum can gather in the follicles and make it harder for hair to grow, what leads to hair loss and damages.

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