What Makes a Winter Skincare Product Effective?

It’s winter, so it must be cold outside. A few days ago a wonderful winter aura had just dawned with the frost wave coming along. It can’t be denied, such weather conditions are tough for our skin. Thus, you should do your best to keep it protected from damage. To be successful, you must know what skincare products should be used during these demanding days.

Rich cream? No!

Throughout many long years many people followed a common belief suggesting that rich and heavy face creams are the best for winter. Indeed, they offer many benefits but only on particular occasions. To clarify, you should use such products mostly when you do winter sports, or in case the temperature drops suddenly and significantly. Ultra-rich face creams encourage blood vessels to enlarge, they impede thermal exchange and sweat evaporation. It’s important to remove these cosmetics from your face immediately when you return home.

Moisturizing is the must, but do it without water!

The proper moisturizing is the must and you should manage the hydration in your skin all year. Many cosmetic brands launch special winter skincare series that are responsible for providing protection from cold. Such cosmetics envelop the skin with a protective coating and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Winter skincare products’ key task is to repair the natural barrier that is responsible for locking water inside the skin. Unfortunately, low temperatures disturb and slow down oily glands, which contributes to skin dryness even more. Besides, when skin is deprived of its natural barrier, it becomes more vulnerable to freezing weather and strong cold wind.

Central healing and air conditioning reduces humidity. Combine it with the cold wind, freezing weather and urban pollution – all these factors make the skin go through the hoops. This is why you should pay attention to the food products you eat during these winter days. In other words, make sure that you consume the foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s also suggested drinking at least 6 cups of fresh still mineral water a day.

Paradoxically, skin products destined for winter care shouldn’t contain water. Application of water-based products during winter may result in the molecules of water freezing on the skin, which in consequence leads to painful frostbites. The result of that are tiny scars that blemish the skin.

Perfect composition? What does it mean?

In winter, try to choose the skincare products containing for example aloe or goat milk – both ingredients are good at deep skin moisturizing. You can also look for algae known for repairing epidermis, or chamomile that calms distressed skin down. Winter skincare products should be also formulated with substances responsible for strengthening, sealing and constricting blood vessels, and the very substances are: vitamin C, vitamin K, chestnut extract, arnica extract and ginseng extract.

It goes without saying that the winter skincare products must match your skin type.

Sunscreens all year long! Also in winter!

It may seem logical that during winter, when the sun isn’t so hot, there is no need to safeguard the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Nothing could be more wrong! Contrary to the popular beliefs, the winter sun is equally damaging as the summer sun. Skin that lacks sun protection may develop pigmentation spots, such as freckles and discolorations. In the worst case scenario, you may even get sunburned. That being said, in winter you shouldn’t refrain from using high SPF sunscreens that will keep you safe. With such products you won’t suffer from skin dryness, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.

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