Lash Lift and Lamination at Home. Discover the Best Sets and Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Lashes

Eyelashes are referred to as the natural setting of the eyes. They emphasize the gaze perfectly and give the face the definition desired by many women. However, they are not always willing to cooperate. Using temporary solutions like an eyelash curler, on the other hand, is quite problematic, as it requires extra time spent on daily makeup. Instead, you can bet on the lash lift and lamination. How long does such a treatment take? What is eyelash lamination and how to perform it at home? We present our ranking of the best products fo this task.

ranking of eyelash lift kits

What is a lash lift? How long does eyelash lamination take at home and at a beauty salon?

What is a lash lift? This is a beauty treatment service that has been gaining popularity rapidly in recent times. Women are increasingly seeking it in beauty salons. It can even be performed at home. The purpose of the lash lift is to lift the natural lashes. It is a non-invasive method.

What is eyelash lamination? It involves curling the lashes durably and effectively to maximize the lift and curl that can be brought out of the natural eyelashes. Following the lamination, the eyelashes are also darker and more nourished. By making them silky, resistant to breakage, and softer, they also hold mascara much better, and look great after removing it. 

How long eyelash lamination lasts depends on several factors. You need to consider the products used to perform the treatment, as well as the experience of the person performing it. A professional beautician will manage a little faster than a woman who occasionally performs the lash lamination on herself. However, this ranking includes kits that allow you to perform eyelash lamination by yourself at home in less than half an hour.

Choosing a lash lamination kit – ranking of recommended sets from trusted brands

To perform the lamination in your own home and enjoy the results for weeks, you need to equip yourself with a good lash lift and lamination kit. The ranking can help anyone thinking about starting their adventure with this method of lash care. It includes the most interesting sets on the market. When selecting the products for the ranking, we were guided by their prices, the quality of the products, the content of each set, as well as the difficulty and time needed for action. The number of applications possible with their contents is also of no small importance, as this can vary from several to dozens.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

the best eyelash lift kit nanolash

10 laminations and effect for up to 8 weeks following the lash lift and lamination. The Lash Lift Kit from the Nanolash brand is one of the best suggestions for women who want to care for the condition and appearance of their lashes. This is a professional lash lamination kit consisting of specially designed products and necessary accessories. What makes it worth choosing this set to perform lash lamination with it? The result includes incredibly nourished eyelashes, which are precisely separated and heavily lifted. This condition lasts for up to 8 weeks following the lamination. 

Buying Lash Lift Kit by Nanolash, you get a total of 30 sachets with 3 different formulas. The manufacturer provides 10 packs each of the activator, neutralizer, and keratin booster. In addition, the kit includes glue and useful accessories, such as 3 pairs of silicone rods and 3 lash combs

You also need to appreciate the formulas of the products included in the Lash Lift Kit from Nanolash. They are rich in hydrolyzed keratin. This ingredient helps rebuild the lashes, increase their strength and volume. Lanolin, in turn, prevents water evaporation. Olive oil and avocado and grape seed oils, among others, ensure proper hydration. Arginine, panthentol, and silk, as well as other precious ingredients help to strengthen the lashes and make them soft and shiny.

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

20-minute lash lamination at home. The Elleebana Lash Lift kit features a very favorable lamination time. Less than half an hour is enough time to enjoy the lash lift and curl with this brand. Following the lash lift and lamination with the set from Elleebana, the eyelashes will immediately become curlier, visually longer, and visibly lifted. This effect lasts for up to 8 weeks. 

The professional Elleebana Lash Lift set enables up to 60 applications. This number of possible applications also comes with a higher price. It is one of the most expensive products in the entire ranking. On top of that, 60 applications are achievable only if the treatments are performed in short intervals. 

The Elleebana Lash Lift set consists of 15 pairs of activator and neutralizer sachets, adhesive, foam remover, metal applicator, a brush, and silicone rods. Anyone trying the lamination for the first time are facilitated by an illustrated instruction manual.

3. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

An at-home lash lamination kit that allows you to get your lashes styled in record time – even faster than with the previous two sets. The RefectoCil Eyelash Lift set is said to provide permanent results in just 13 minutes. At least that’s what the manufacturer assures, thanks to the special formula of the Lashperm.

In addition to it, the set provides a neutralizer, glue, eyelash lifter, 3 pairs of silicone rods, as well as two mini bowls and two mini brushes, so it’s quite extensive. Moreover, the contents of the set come in a stylish makeup bag.

This set also surprises positively when it comes to the feasible number of uses. Its contents are enough for up to 36 applications. The silicone rods will last even longer. According to the manufacturer’s claims, they can be used up to 100 times. 

Following the lash lift, the effect include clearly lifted eyelashes, which are additionally in much better condition. This is thanks to the fact that the included products from RefectoCil are rich in collagen and cysteine, among other ingredients. 

4. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

A kit for women who care about using products not tested on animals. The formulas in the Fleeky Lashlift Kit are fully vegan. Laminating eyelashes with this kit allows you to enhance your look by lifting and curling lashes visibly, while caring for animals.

After applying the Fleeky Lashlift Kit, your natural eye frame will look stunning for 6 weeks. The kit provides the formulas, as well as two pairs of silicone rods, glue, two eyelash brushes, two combs, and four application picks.

The set by Fleeky is also one of the cheapest in this comparison. This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that the set only lasts for 2 to 4 applications. This number can be increased by buying a larger and also obviously more expensive version. The so-called Maxi Kit is sufficient for 5 to 10 applications.

5. Thuya lash lift kit

Almost 2 months without an eyelash curler? It’s possible with the lash lift kit by Thuya. Long-lasting results are ensured by the products included in the kit with innovative formulas. It consists of 3 x 15 ml bottles, a wooden pick, and silicone rods in M size. Larger or smaller ones need to be purchased separately. The cosmetics you get as part of the kit include permanent gel, neutralizer, and glue

Choosing the lash lift kit from Thuya, you can also tame your unruly eyebrows. It will work great when you need to give them a new shape. This can be done without worrying about the condition of the eyebrows. All thanks to the fact that the thioglycolic acid contained in the gel dissolves the keratin bonds in a safe way for the eyelashes. The neutralizer then creates them anew and fixes the given shape.

6. MIYA LASH Keratin Lash Lift Kit

The Keratin Lash Lift Kit from the Miya Lash brand is a good option regardless of the level of experience. It will work well for professional beauticians, but it can also be used by women who only perform the lash lift on themselves.

The manufacturer of this kit ensured extensive content. The number of accessories is particularly outstanding. Inside the kit, you can find picks, various brushes, silicone rods, and eye patches

The effect of the lash lift performed with this kit? Following the lash lift and lamination, the eyelashes become more curled, strongly lifted, and more nourished. This is possible thanks to the high content of nourishing ingredients, including keratin. The effects last up to 6 weeks

7. Brow lamination and eyelash lift kit – Protein Reconstruction System Zola

A simple way to lift and laminate eyelashes. When creating a product like the Brow&Lash Reconstruction System kit, the Zola brand decided against a large set with many accessories. You won’t see those in this kit. Instead, it comes with only three bottles, each with a different formula. Nothing else is necessary here.

The product from this brand is supposed to provide the solution for women who don’t want to opt for the lift and lamination at home looking like the treatment from a beauty salon. Instead, they can opt for a much simpler routine using this kit.

Each of the bottles you can find in it represents a different step in the 3-step lash lift and lamination. They include:

  • Step 1: Protein Strong Lifting
  • Step 2: Protein Fixer
  • Step 3: Protein Care

All of them are supposed to provide lashes with nourishment, lift, and strong curl. Thus, it is possible to perform a very simple lash lift and lamination without leaving home. 

Eyelash lift – effects and how to perform it

Performed in the correct way, the effects of the lash lift include lifted and curled eyelashes. In addition, in combination with the lamination, you can expect strong nourishment of the eyelashes, giving them shine, and making them darker and visually thicker. They are also better resistant to damage. How to perform the lash lift step by step to enjoy the effects and condition the natural eye frame?

First of all, you need to equip yourself with a kit for DIY eyelash lamination. In this regard, the products from the raking above will work great. All the products needed for lifting the eyelashes are included in the kit, so you do not need to look for and buy anything more. In addition to them, you wil need some products for cleansing the lashes and eyelids. A special eyelash shampoo or an oil-free makeup remover will be best.

You should start the whole process with using the two products mentioned above. The shampoo and makeup remover are needed to remove makeup, or its residues, as well as other skin care cosmetics. You need to apply silicone rods to the thoroughly cleaned eyelids. As a rule, manufacturers provide them in 3 sizes. The strength of the curl depends on the chosen rod. If it is too wide for the eyelid, it can be slightly trimmed.

The attached rod needs to be gently coated with glue, which is included in every kit for at-home eyelash lamination. Next, a brush or comb will come in handy. Using one of these accessories, you need to separate all the lashes carefully and comb them onto the glue-coated rod

The next step will be to apply the products included in the at-home lash lift kit. Each product is applied separately and washed off after the time specified by the manufacturer. It is best to use a cotton pad gently soaked in water for this task, unless it recommends otherwise. After applying each product, simply remove the silicone rods from the eyelids. Gently comb the lifted and curled lashes after the whole process will also help to enhance the results.