6 Ways on Tights Recycling

tights.jpgTights are one of those parts of our wardrobe, which we toss out after one use. No wonder about that, because we can’t wear for a second time tights with a ladder. However, it might be worth to show some creativity and not waste tights at throwing it out. Let us introduce to you 6 ways on use of old tights.

1. Tights as a glass buffer

Material of which are made tights has this quality that it doesn’t leave fluffs. Used tights are great as a buffer for windows and mirrors (do not use it for wash because it doesn’t absorb water very well). Tights do not leave smudges.

2. Tights as a shoes buffer

In case of shoes, tights work similarly to what we mentioned above. Piece of used tights is very good for shining shoes, which after polishing and shining have that impeccable gloss.

3. Tights as a help in search for lost earrings

Everyone knows how difficult is to find earring, pin, ring or small object, which fall on the carpet. All you have to do is to place cut out foot of tights on the vacuum tube and secure it with rubber band. Then all you have to do is vacuum the carpet in a area where should be missing object. The object will be sucked in but stopped at the tights filter.

4. Tights as an onion bag

Onion needs constant flow of fresh air to not loose its properties. You can put onions in each of legs, while remembering to bind a knot after each onion. Such bags you can hang up in e.g. pantry and cut out individual onion when you need it.

5. Tights as dust catcher

Everyone knows how difficult is to gather dust from problematic places, e.g. from under the cupboards or fridge. Used tights are great at gathering the dust and dirt, so it can easily be a cleaner. Roll up tights into a ball and attach them with a rubber band to e.g. broomstick, stick or a long ruler.

6. Tights as a way for clean hair brush

I don’t think that there is person who actually likes cleaning hair brush. To avoid necessity of taking out  hair and dirt from between brush’s bristle you can use a piece of used tights. A piece of tights in proper size place on the hair brush’s bristle and push the material through. After brush get dirty, you will just take off the tight of the brush already with all the dirt.

Those are not all the uses of tights. As it is said, necessity is a mother of invention and creativity awakes in a least expected moment. You may want to have pair of used tights in case of necessity.

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