How to get rid of dark undereye circles?

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are tiresome problems. What can you do so that your look can be fresh and skin brightened? Not always the homemade methods are what works well. The best would be to have a good night’s sleep, use good quality creams, and combine all that with natural methods.

Where do dark circles come from?

First, you need to find the cause to prevent the problem in the future. If your grandma or mother has darker skin under the eyes then you are more subjected to it yourself. With age, the skin loses the elasticity and due to it, the dark circles under the eyes start to appear more often. However, hyperpigmentation under the eyes can be also caused by other factors, among many of your lifestyle and diet.

Puffiness occurs usually due to alcohol intake and excess salt in the organism. However, it is not just about that… constant stress, fatigue, dehydration, allergies are the most common causes for dark circles and puffiness under eyes.

How to get rid of dark circles?

Prolonged fatigue, sleepless nights, lack of proper hydration of the organism, or even incorrect make-up removal can cause dark circles under the eyes which are the nightmare of each one of us. To brighten up the look doesn’t need to be difficult. There are at-home methods that can help you improve your skin appearance.

The natural methods to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

  • Ice cubes as a natural method for dark circles? Most certainly. The gentle massage will lessen puffiness and get rid of dark circles. Cooling down will bring relief and skin will look natural. Perfect can be also the use of chilled spoons.
  • Cucumber slices (just like in the movies!) can truly lessen the swelling and irritations. Cucumber is made mostly with water so it can amazingly moisturize the skin and significantly brighten the dark circles. The skin will be regenerated, fresh, and healthy.
  • Apple slices just like cucumber can work great for use as a compress under tired eyes. Malic acid moisturizes, brightens, and softens the skin under the eyes. Just 20 minutes is enough for the skin to look way better.
  • Raw potatoes are also known for the elimination of dark circles and significantly lessen the swelling. You just need to prechill the potatoes peels and then place them under the eyes. Those are able to absorb excess water and tighten the skin. Potatoes juice will brighten the skin around eyes and can turn out to be an enemy to all the redness and dark circles.
  • Chamomile or black tea compress bring immediate relief. Those can eliminate puffiness and dark circles. The caffeine tightens the skin so the skin around the eyes will look healthy and rested.

The cosmetics for dark circles under the eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes requires special care. You should try moisturizing cream or undereye cream. Those are creams safe even for very sensitive skin. It will provide the skin with the optimal level of hydration so it will be less likely to suffer irritations or damages.

You should remember about the regular use of cosmetics that allow you to achieve the dream skin condition.

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