Broken capillaries. What should be done to have pretty face and legs?

Broken capillaries on legs and face are a nightmare of many women. Such skin imperfections deprive of self-confidence, cramp women’s style and spoil makeup. How to deal with these unattractive spider veins? Here come aesthetic medicine and Laser Vein Removal to the rescue! What are they all about?

Red marks and redness (erythema) and so-called spider veins are the indication of couperose skin type. This problem touches both young girls as well as mature women. For development of such skin imperfections are responsible genes, sensitive skin, hormonal and circulatory disorders and hypertension. What is more, condition of blood vessels is also gradually deteriorated because of taking long sunbaths, wearing high-heeled shoes and leading sedentary lifestyle. What some people might overlook, such unwanted changes on our skin develop either in the summer or winter. Influenced by high or low temperature, blood vessels become broaden and stretched, their permeability is increased as their walls become thinner. All of these factors lead to increased possibility of development of inflammations triggered by harmful external factors. On face, broken capillaries might be the sign of acne rosacea or allergies. The ones appearing on legs might be the sign of obstruction of the veins or varicose veins.

broken-capillaries.jpgHow to counteract broken capillaries from developing on face and legs? For example, apply special cosmetics designed for sensitive and couperose skin. You can also make a good use of creams containing K, C and P vitamins. Such products reinforce and make walls of blood vessels more elastic, they also limit skin sensitivity. What is more, it is suggested using cosmetics including collagen, sham, ginkgo or Arnica Montana. This kind of a treatment should last a few months because only in this way you are going to eliminate spider veins.

Equally good solution is undergoing Laser Vein Removal Treatment. This kind of a procedure helps with eliminating problem of broken capillaries once and for all. The only contraindications connected with the treatment are: pregnancy, diabetes, strong suntan and intake of some medications, especially the ones causing photosensitization (allergy to the sun) and antithrombotic drugs. What is more, Laser Vein Removal Treatment should be done in the winter of early spring. When it comes to broken capillaries on legs, these can be removed due to Doppler Ultrasound Exam. During the therapy, a flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser (FLPDL) or sclerotherapy method is used. The second method depends on injecting substances into the affected places. The substance is responsible for strengthening walls of blood vessels. The outcomes are noticeable after w few days.

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