Ranking Of The Best Eyebrow Serums [TOP 5]

If you’re wondering which brow serum to choose, we’d love to help find the perfect product, that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Here’s our ranking of the best and most effective eyebrow serums that help make the brows thicker and stronger.

Check it out and find out how to solve the problem of thin and sparse eyebrows with virtually no effort!

The TOP 5 most effective eyebrow serums – RANKING

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

This effective eyebrow serum impresses even the most demanding users. It comes with a practical applicator that reaches every hair, even the finest ones, and the formula rich in nourishing ingredients is definitely worth trying out. Among the conditioning ingredients, there are panthenol, precious peptides, and natural botanical extracts, such as soybean and baicalein extracts. This brow serum with thickening properties works very quickly – after just one month of regular use, you can expect your brows to be twice as thick! The eyebrow-growth serum additionally shapes the eyebrows and makes them softer, delivering a salon-quality brow look.

Our rating: 10/10

2. RapidBrow

An effective eyebrow serum that contains Hexatein 2 complex, which is a combination of valuable polypeptides, keratin, biotin, and apple fruit cell extract. This product ensures your eyebrows become stronger and revitalized. You have to wait about 8 weeks for the effects of this eyebrow serum. This strengthening eyebrow serum comes with a convenient mini-brush, which allows you to apply the serum on the brows thoroughly.

Our rating: 9/10

3. M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum

This vegan brow serum nourishes the brows and gives them the coveted shine. It is efficient and silicone-free. The eyebrow Renewing Serum stimulates hair growth and makes the brows longer, delivering truly noticeable results. The product’s innovative formula contains precious ingredients like biotin and arginine, which play a key role in eyebrow care. The effects of using this strengthening eyebrow serum are noticeable after about 6-8 weeks.

Our rating: 8.5/10

4. RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced

This recommended eyebrow serum is rich in nourishing ingredients like panthenol, lipids, and peptides. It makes weak brows stronger effortlessly. The eyebrow serum is gentle on the skin and is non-irritating. The specially developed, gentle formula of this eyebrow serum ensures the brow hairs fall out less and are resistant to all kinds of damage. This recommended eyebrow serum makes brows thicker and improves their condition. The product is suitable for vegans. The application does not require much time and just a few motions will get the job done.

Our rating: 8/10

5. Xlash Xbrow

An eyebrow serum that makes the brows thicker and shiny. The convenient comb-shaped applicator allows you to reach every hair. The key ingredients of this effective eyebrow serum are hydrolyzed wheat protein and pro-vitamin B5, as well as amino acids and hyaluronic acid. By using this recommended eyebrow serum daily, you can expect your brows to become slightly thicker in just 28 days.

Our rating: 8/10

An effective eyebrow serum – what should it feature?

It’s obvious not every product can meet your expectations. The key is to know your needs and ask yourself: what results do I want to achieve? Wish to make your brows thicker? Or do you generally want to make them properly moisturized and softer? The decision is up to you!

Remember to choose a brow serum with a safe formula that won’t result in redness or irritation. It is also important to find a serum with a convenient applicator to ensure the application is easy and pleasant. A good eyebrow serum can make your brows stronger and improve their overall condition.

Using our ranking of the best eyebrow serums as a guide, you are bound to find a product that won’t let you down. With regular use of the brow serum of your choice, you can quickly notice the desired results.