Summer’s Gone but Sun Spots Keep Nagging You? Get Rid of Them Once and For All!

The summertime fun and lying on the beach for hours often leaves us with some souvenirs. Unfortunately, these are the souvenirs that we don’t wish to bring from holidays. What to do when sun spots appear on the face? You can try de-pigmentation, chemical peel or laser therapy. Which one makes the best choice?

Hyperpigmentation is the most common in fair skin tones. The uneven color is probably less visible in dark tones or dark skin produces more melanin which is a natural anti-sun shield. So, if your skin is light-colored, it’s more vulnerable to the sunlight and thus you’re more likely to suffer because of dark sun spots.

No matter the cause, it’s crucial to know how to get rid of post-sun marks. There are different remedies and you need to customize them to your needs. Why don’t you try one of the options?

Depigmentation therapy

If you want to eliminate dark spots after summer, you can try depigmentation therapy using products that are specially designed for treating hyperpigmentation. They contain substances which inhibit production of melanin (pigment). This is the main goal of the therapy yet not the only one. Thanks to some extra nutrients as well as hydrating and repairing substances this kind of therapy improves the skin’s quality, making wrinkles less noticeable, lessening acne and plumping the face.

The high effectiveness of depigmentation therapy is confirmed by reviewers. You should remember, though, that effects take around 8 weeks to appear. You shouldn’t get discouraged if the spots don’t vanish instantly. This is perfectly normal. You should know that depigmentation therapy takes a minimum of three months.

Chemical peel

Chemical peels also powerfully remove the dark spots but only the shallow ones because of their way of working: acids even out the skin tone by exfoliating the epidermal layer and stimulating it to repair and renew the cells. A high-quality chemical peel contains enzymes and acids which exfoliate dead cells but also plump the face and smooth the skin.

Of course, there are different types of peels containing different concentrations of exfoliating ingredients. That is why a qualified beautician matches the exfoliant to the type and depth of hyperpigmentation, respecting the type and condition of your skin as well. If the peel is well suited, you will spot the effect after just 2 or 3 treatments.

Hyperpigmentation laser therapy

If you want to act quickly for nearly instant effects, try laser therapy. It’s a highly effective way for removing pigmentation spots, including post-sun marks.

How does the laser remove the spots? The procedure is simple. The beautician chooses the right laser beam for your type of skin and pigmentation spots, and breaks the pigment inside the skin. This way the spots are less noticeable. What’s great is the effect is visible after just one procedure. For best results you need a full series. The number of procedures must be customized to a patient.

Note! You cannot get laser treatments if you suffer from albinism, diabetes, psoriasis, cold sore or cancer. Pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t get them either.

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