Time saving beauty treatments

There are beauty treatments, which can help us save some time and won’t cost us too much work. We are talking about body and face care, that doesn’t need to be repeated every few days or everyday. We are talking mainly about treatments giving long lasting effect, like: laser hair removal, permanent make-up, hybrid manicure and keratin hair straightening. But, let’s start from the top.

Laser hair removal is an efficient method of removing unwanted hair. All you need to do is to visit professional beauty parlour and there for your body will take care of qualified personnel. To get rid of hair altogether, necessary will be few procedures. Their number depends on thickness and colour of the hair, but also on the hair growth phase. Laser hair removal is much more pleasurable than razor, hair remover or hair removers in cream. Why? First of all, smooth skin effect lasts for few years. Secondly, the risk of skin irritation is much lower (razor, hair remover and hair remover in cream can damage epidermis). Thirdly, with no fear you can get rid of hair from delicate parts of the body (face, armpits, bikini line). Fourthly, you don’t have to repeat hair removal every couple of days (as it is with other methods).

Laser hair removaPermanent make-up is a type of cosmetic tattoo. Under the skin is injected colourful pigment. During the procedure beautician can fill eyebrows, draw a line on the upper and/or lower eyelid and fix lip contour. Thanks to permanent make-up you will save a lot time on morning make-up. One of the elements of this procedure is microblading, which is an advanced brow embroidery technique whereby a superfine row of needles is used to create thin, hair like marks on the skin. It is becoming an increasingly popular method in permanent make-up, not only among make-up lovers, but also on the Instagram. Would you try it sometime?

Hybrid manicure is yet another cosmetic solution for busy and lazy people. It is one of the most long lasting types of manicure. For this manicure used are special nail polishes, primers and top coats; and let’s not forget about the UV lamp. Hybrid manicure is very efficient and elegant. Colours are intensive, top coat provides glossy finish and the effect will last very long. Chipping nail polish, dry brushes and air bubbles won’t annoy you any more.

Keratin hair straightening is something for hair lovers. During the procedure is distributed keratin preparation and then “ironed” into the hair with special hair straightener. As a result hair are smooth, glowing and straight. You can say goodbye to your hair straightener or blow-drying with a brush. This way you’ll lower the risk of dryness, hair loss and brittle hair, but also split ends.

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