Mouth wash with oil – Form of Care and Cleanse [Popular Myths]

Beautiful girl using mouthwashLately, we hear a lot about beneficial influence of natural oils on body. It is recommended to introduce them to everyday diet, use as a curative or apply on the skin in form of nourishing cosmetics. One of the forms of their use is a mouth wash with oil, i.e. sucking oil. On subject of this method of body cleanse and teeth care exist many myths, which should be set straight.

MYTH 1. An hour before sucking oil you shouldn’t drink anything

It is said that at least an hour before mouth wash with oil you shouldn’t drink anything. In reality, it is recommended to drink small amount of water before wash, because then body will be better hydrated and more effectively will be creating saliva.

MYTH 2. Before sucking oil you shouldn’t eat for at least few hours

Another nonsense is no food before mouth wash with oil. There are no contraindications to it, though full stomach for people who didn’t get use to greasy oil in their mouth can have result with retch.

MYTH 3. For one time mouth wash you should use one table spoon of oil

Specific determination of oil’s amount is pointless, because everyone have different needs. Beginnings of sucking oil can be unpleasant, so in that case you should probably go for smaller amount. Table spoon of oil is usually too big of a portion for most people.

MYTH 4. Sucking oil extracts toxins out of bloodstream through vessels in mouth

Logically speaking, this explanation of mentioned method is very creative – for oil to absorb toxins it would have to first get through membrane in your mouth to the bloodstream, then decide which compounds are harmful and go back to mouth. Oil cleanses mouth out of bacteria and microorganisms, but it has no possibility to enter bloodstream.

MYTH 5. For mouth wash with oil you should use only two oils – sesame and sunflower.

Sunflower oil and sesame oil are usually recommended for mouth wash. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use any other oil. You can choose any oil, especially that for some better is sucking e.g. coconut oil.

MYTH 6. Oil needs to become white, so you could spit it out

In most cases, vegetable oil mixed with saliva and thousands of small air bubbles it becomes white after several minutes of wash. It applies only to light and colourless oils, any other than that won’t become white. Darker oils will be yellowish or greenish.

MYTH 7. Sucking oil is a perfect method of treatment for many afflictions

Mouth wash with oil is not a medicine. It allows cleanse of mouth and teeth out of bacteria and germs, so it limits development of many diseases, mainly cariosity. In spite of that is is not a curative.

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