Q&A: Nanobrow eyebrow serum

Many women keep asking themselves one question: ‘What should I do to let my eyebrows look prettier and be healthier?’ It appears that the answer is easier than you think. The only good and effective solution is turning to a beauty product created to deal with such beauty issues. This beauty product is Nanobrow eyebrow serum.

nanobrow brow serum

How does Nanobrow eyebrow serum work?

Nanobrow serum affects both eyebrows and skin on the brow ridges in the following way:

  • activates brow hairs growth
  • makes eyebrows thicker and fuller-looking
  • intensifies the colour of brows
  • reinforces brow follicles
  • prevents uncontrolled loss of brow hairs
  • moisturizes and boosts shine
  • prevents water loss
  • revitalizes skin and eyebrows
  • supplies brows and skin with nutrients

What is Nanobrow made from?

The composition of Nanobrow largely translates into the effects it is able to produce. This beauty product contains conditioning and active substances that foster brow hair growth, make them thicker and longer. Nanobrow eyebrow serum is made from lactic acid, arginine and panthenol to name just a few – they are responsible for moisturizing and preventing excessive water loss from hair and skin.

Plant extracts make other ingredients that Nanobrow includes. They are: soy sprout extract, wheat sprout extract, ginseng root extract, Baikal skullcap root extract. Their action depends on stimulating growth, reinforcing, regenerating and counteracting premature signs of ageing. Apart from that, the ingredients of natural origin in Nanobrow leave eyebrows conditioned and help them look prettier.

How to use Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

At the beginning it is worth focusing on the applicator that Nanobrow comes with. It was designed to be suitable for gliding it effortlessly over brow ridges. This is a small pointy  tip sponge. Such shape significantly fosters application of the serum. What is important, before applying Nanobrow, skin must be deprived of colour cosmetics, sebum and other dirt that may impede application and achieving the desired results. Once the eyebrow area is perfectly clean, you can reach for the serum and spread it over the brow hairs.

What is the cost of Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum price mirrors the quality, effects and the ingredients used to create this brow boosting product. Cosmetic displaying such properties is worth its price also because of the high efficiency that it offers, ease of use and swift results that it is able to produce.

How big is one tube of Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

One Nanobrow tube holds 5 ml of the eyebrow serum. This is a standard size of this type of product. However, what is important, this cosmetic is small enough to be put inside a purse, makeup bag or even a suitcase – Nanobrow easily fits any bag so it can be taken for holiday or business trip so as not to discontinue the brow enhancing treatment.

nanobrow brow growth serum

Why Nanobrow eyebrow serum is the best?

Currently Nanobrow eyebrow serum is the best cosmetic that belongs to the group of products promoting growth, thickening and strengthening of eyebrows. Its action does not only aim at brows but also brow ridge skin. Moreover, this beauty product improves length and thickness of brow hairs; it also takes care of their looks and condition. Nanobrow serum contains active and plant substances which efficiency mirror the uniqueness of the product. The applicator is also worth recognition since it is designed to match the shape of brow ridge to maximally ease application of the serum. More info: nanobrow.us

19 Comments “Q&A: Nanobrow eyebrow serum”

  1. Laurii Mindon

    During pre-Nanobrow era, my eyebrows were some kind of a joke, thin, asymmetrical, one different than the other, they didn’t grow where I wanted them to grow, there were some nasty gaps along the eyebrows. Nanobrow helped me say goodbye to this problem, I just had to be systematic and devote a few seconds every evening at bedtime to apply the serum.

  2. A.N.

    It’s the first time I see somebody composing such a great formula for an eyebrow serum!

  3. Luciane Knox

    Okay, I’ve got one question. How long does one package last?

  4. Lemon


  5. a.n.n.u.

    The effects are quick, I’d recommend Nanobrow, it’s 100% amazing, the best serum on the market!

  6. Brittanny

    Shocked! Such a cool eyebrow serum for such price and I don’t have one yet?! 😀

  7. scratched

    where to buy?

  8. krixy88

    3 weeks and I have new, thick and good-looking eyebrows, it’s true that they got darker, which is a plus to me. Amazing!

  9. desperate wife-to-be

    I’m getting married in a month but my eyebrows are miserable!! ;( Will Nanobrow help me?

  10. Noname

    Gurlz, what’s the price of Nanobrow?

  11. MrsPerfect

    I’ve got a question, has anyone tried applying Nanobrow more often then once a day? Do eyebrows grow faster? I need them to grow back really, really, really fast…

    • Ariadna

      I wouldn’t do that, I think that brows grow pretty fast either way so there’s no use forcing them to speed up their growth. You’ll end up with using serum up sooner.

    • anonym

      oh you people, you’re constantly unsatisfied and want more. You get a great product that starts delivering effects in two weeks but you still want to get full eyebrows the next day 🙂

    • ElisaMakeUp

      Eyebrows, hair or eyelashes growth is determined by your body. What I want to say is that the more seriously damaged they are, the more time you need to fix the follicles, and an extra portion of the serum won’t accelerate this process. Just remember to apply the serum on a daily basis, otherwise you”ll hve to wait longer too see the effects. Taking treatment breaks is no good.

  12. Noelle pee

    I completed Revitabrow treatment some time ago and now I switched into Nanobrow. There’s no comparison between these two serums! Nanobrow is far better and I won’t seek any further.

  13. Hester

    i expected three times higher price, i’m totally surprised! This is the first plus, now let’s wait and see what kind of eyebrow improvement we are talking about.

  14. striggi

    like the effect of thickiening and darkenieng. cool.

  15. wasted-years

    I wrote one of the first Nanobrow reviews and posted in on my blog some time ago. Obviously I recommended it and I don’t have a change of heart about it <3

  16. qwerty

    is it okay to use it on permanent eyebrows?


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