TOP 6 eyebrow pomades loved by consumers

Eyebrow pomade is a product for eyebrow styling that women often reach for. No wonder it has become a hit in the beauty market so quickly. Thanks to the properly-chosen eyebrow pomade, you can do subtle everyday-wear makeup as well as makeup for special occasions or events. There is no good makeup without expressive and accentuated eyebrows, is there?

How to choose a good eyebrow pomade?

There are many different eyebrow styling products in the beauty market but how do you choose the best product out there? The best method is simply testing many various products. This is the only way to choose a cosmetic product that meets your expectations. Check the ranking of eyebrow pomades below and find out which product is worthy of your attention. 

What to use for your eyebrows? A pencil or a pomade? 

The decision is yours to make. The choice between a pencil and a pomade depends only on your individual preferences. Eyebrow pomade has a creamy consistency whereas eyebrow pencil is quite dry. Do you like eyebrows with a natural look? The eyebrow pomade might turn out to be a better solution because it’s easy to apply – you can intensify the effects. In order to mark the precise shape of the eyebrows, the pencil is a better solution. 

What’s more, the eyebrow pomade is undoubtedly more durable than a usual eyebrow pencil. So if you are looking for a product that will look perfect all day without any touch-ups, the eyebrow pomade is a very good choice. On the other side, the eyebrow pencil is easier to use than a pomade. To get the best effect with the pomade, you need to practice a bit. The eyebrow pencil is usually intuitive and easier to use. 

Our tip: Just choose a tried-out product that is best for you!

TOP 6 eyebrow pomades that are worth noting [RANKING]

See for yourself which eyebrow pomades are particularly noteworthy. In our ranking, we have only collected recommended eyebrow pomades that consumers like to choose.

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

Colour: available in three natural colours

Waterproof product: yes

Where to buy: on, in online drugstores and physical beauty stores, marketplace platforms

This is a commonly chosen eyebrow pomade with a very malleable, creamy, comfortable consistency. It is easy to apply and creates elegant, beautiful makeup for any occasion. The eyebrow pomade – Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade – makes your eyebrows always look great. You won’t even have to do any touch-ups throughout the day! The strengthening formula, which gives the hairs more shine, nourishes the hairs so they look perfect even under makeup. Style your archesas you like and they will always look perfect. You will find Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade at an attractive price – with very high quality and the best efficiency. 

The waterproof pomade for eyebrow styling conceals unsightly gaps and gaps in the eyebrows very well – it even draws ultra-thin, individual hairs! It proves its worth for every woman who goes for long-lasting and precise eyebrow makeup. The creamy eyebrow pomade by Nanobrow is suitably dense and convenient to use.

2. Anastasia BH Dipbrow Pomade

Colour: available in a few colours

Waterproof product: yes

Where to buy: in online drugstores and regular beauty stores 

This is the eyebrow pomade that ensures a natural look to the hairs. It has pretty good coverage, which is an advantage for many women because it gives a natural effect. This is a quick-drying eyebrow styling pomade, which can be a problem for women who are just starting out with eyebrow makeup. Your eyebrows will look perfect throughout the day, however, removing your makeup can, unfortunately, cause some problems. The waterproof eyebrow pomade for makeup ensures natural-looking eyebrows with the right texture. 

The highly pigmented eyebrow pomade is a common choice among women all over the world. Sadly, the price can be off-putting as the pomade is really expensive. However, we must honestly admit that it’s also durable and effective. The recommended eyebrow styling pomade allows you to create perfect makeup without any effort. 

3. Tarte Frameworker Brow Pomade

Colour: available in many neutral colours

Waterproof product: no

Where to buy: in online drugstores and regular shops 

This is a good eyebrow styling pomade with high pigmentation. It redefines the shape of your eyebrows, enhances their colour and conceals the gaps where necessary. The product is recommended for every eyebrow type, even those that are extremely fine and thin. It works best for evening makeup, as it can be too heavy for daytime looks. The eyebrow pomade ensures the effect for up to 24 hours – so don’t worry about your makeup running down your face during the day.

The creamy formula of the eyebrow pomade is easy to apply, so it won’t cause any problems even for those with little experience. It also contains babassu oil, which cares for and nourishes the hairs. Unfortunately, the price is quite high for this quality and coverage. At this price, you can find much better products that also do the job.

4. Refy Brow Pomade

Colour: available in three colours

Waterproof product: yes

Where to buy: in online drugstores and physical shops. 

This eyebrow pomade has quickly become a hit in the USA. Women love to choose it because the shades can be blended effortlessly to create different effects in their makeup. This waterproof eyebrow styling pomade causes your hairs to become visually thicker and denser. The eyebrow pomade can be applied effortlessly and ensures a beautiful matte finish.

This durable eyebrow styling pomade creates makeup that is sure to meet your expectations. You can intensify the effects depending on the occasion. The eyebrow pomade is not cheap though as we have to invest quite a lot in it, which might be off-putting. At the moment, there are better products on the beauty market that also prove their worth. Moreover, the pomade is so durable that it’s quite difficult to remove. Its application also requires a bit of practice. Women who are just starting with eyebrow makeup may have problems because the pomade dries quickly.

5. Sigma Beauty Define + Pose Brow Pomade

Colour: available in three colours

Waterproof product: yes

Where to buy: in online drugstores and regular beauty stores 

The waterproof eyebrow pomade styles even very challenging hairs and emphasises their natural beauty. Eyebrows styled with the pomade soften your facial features and accentuate your look. The eyebrow pomade looks perfect in all conditions and ensures long-lasting effects, including elegant makeup for any occasion. The eyebrow pomade is easy to use and can be applied to the eyebrows effortlessly. Some consumers are of the opinion that the pomade crumbles. Its application requires practice and professional skills. 

This eyebrow styling pomade accentuates the hairs and makes them visually denser, and you achieve natural effects when in reality, you don’t apply a big amount of the product. It camouflages any gaps where necessary. However, the pomade is very durable, so removing the makeup can cause problems. Unfortunately, removing makeup can also be problematic.

6. WBco The Brow Pomade

Colour: available in five colours

Waterproof product: yes

Where to buy: in online drugstores and physical shops 

The Brow Pomade is highly pigmented and ensures full coverage. It can be too heavy for some women, so we recommend it for evening parties only. You can find it at a rather good price for this quality and coverage. The eyebrow pomade ensures a nice matte finish, emphasises and fills even very demanding eyebrows by masking the gaps. 

This waterproof eyebrow makeup pomade is easy to use and ensures various effects in the makeup. As it is highly pigmented, it proves itself best before special occasions where durability and precision are crucial. For daytime makeup, we recommend lighter products. Unfortunately, if you apply too much pomade, it can crumble or form unsightly crumbs during the day.

How to use eyebrow pomade correctly? 

We have a short guide for you on how to make up your eyebrows with the pomade. Follow the instructions step by step to ensure your makeup always looks perfect!

  1. Prepare your eyebrows – they should be clean and dry. 
  2. Comb the eyebrows using a spoolie.
  3. Apply a small amount of pomade using a small brush.
  4. Fill in the gaps between the hairs, starting with the lower part of the eyebrow. Use short, precise movements and repeat the process until you fill in all the gaps. 
  5. Brush the eyebrows to evenly distribute the pomade on the hairs and provide them with a natural look. 
  6. If you need to keep your eyebrows looking good throughout the day, use an eyebrow gel to set them. 

Always apply a small amount of product to get a natural effect. This way you are going to avoid a cartoonish, grotesque effect. 

Good luck!