The Worst Hair Oil Treatment Tips You Can Come Across

Hair oil treatment is a big thing in the beauty care. The whole world has heard of the secret of Indian women’s beautiful hair and the regenerating oils you can apply to hair and scalp. Fancy trying hair oils out? Amazing. Just let me warn you against some ‘helpful’ tips and info which may discourage you from hair oiling.

Hair Oil Treatment – Myths & Anti-Tips

1. Any oil is good for hair oil treatment

That’s the most common myth. The oil should go along with the hair porosity, in other words – with the level of damage and condition. Thick, heavy and stiff hair needs different substances than dry and brittle hair. That’s why the porosity is the key to hair care whereas a hair oil can’t be chosen at random.

2. Hair oil treatment gives best effects when it’s done at a hair salon

Not true. You don’t need any special skills or experience for doing a hair oil treatment. It’s like applying a hair mask yet it’s… oily. Feel free to do hair oiling at home – whenever you have a spare moment. Lots of people appreciate the hair oil treatment for the comfy procedure and no time limits.

3. Oils weigh hair down and make it greasy

Myth. An oil, suitable for your hair type, isn’t going to leave you with greasy or overburdened strands. There are oils which effectively clean the scalp and fight bacteria off (Pine Oil), control sebum secretion (Jojoba Oil) or even slightly lift the hair roots and add body (Coconut Oil).

4. Hair oiling isn’t practical because it’s hard to wash oils off hair

Too much of the oil makes the washing routine harder. That is why remember to use around five ml for the hair oil treatment – it’s a tablespoon. To make the oil easier to rinse out, you can emulsify it first – apply a mask or conditioner right before shampooing so the oil will be easily washed away.

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