Iconic hair oil – NANOIL – breakthrough in hair regeneration

Iconic hair oil - NANOIL

A cosmetic that can be referred to as iconic, unfortunately, does not appear that often.

Due to extremely fast development of the cosmetics industry and flooding the market with new products, it is very difficult to stay with one product for longer. Other, newer, better cosmetics keep appearing.

It will continue to happen until a really breathtaking product is finally released to the market.

One that sheds new light on the entire hair care, that takes into account women’s needs and is able to meet their requirements. Iconic beauty product will remain with us forever because it is irreplaceable. Everything else is becoming only its infamous imitation.

It will be the same with this product. Once you try Nanoil hair oil, you will feel that this is it. There will be no need to replace it with any other cosmetic because Nanoil will enchant you and your hair will love it mutually. It is an innovative cosmetic, presenting brilliant approach towards hair care. It has been a long time since there was a product that not only perfectly fulfils the needs of different hair types and is also so versatile.

Nanoil is a hair oil that firstly focuses on the in-depth regeneration, secondly, on nourishment and improving the appearance of hair, and thirdly, on protecting and strengthening strands.

Moreover, it can play so many roles and be used in such a wide range of treatments that will successfully replace the series of cosmetics in your bathroom.

It is significant that Nanoil comes in three versions. Each of which is intended for hair of different porosity, that is a different type of damage. Therefore, Nanoil perfectly adapts to a particular type of hair.

Each of the three versions of Nanoil is a complex of well-chosen natural oils and a number of natural ingredients intended for care. The product is free of harmful, comedogenic silicones, parabens, alcohols and other substances that adversely affect the condition of hair and skin.

Each of the three versions of Nanoil is focused on various needs of hair, which is why the product is so effective. Its secret lies in carefully selected natural oils. Their properties have been thoroughly tested and adapted to the degree of hair damage, which is commonly called porosity.


Therefore, Nanoil:

First of all – protects hair, lifts its roots and nurtures scalp.

If your hair is thick, heavy and coarse as well as very difficult to style and most styling products only weigh it down making the entire hairdo flat, it is a clear sign that you have low porosity hair. Such strands are usually healthy, not very easily damaged. Nevertheless, they have their own demons: excessive sebum secretion, roughness, lack of volume, greasy scalp. Nanoil for low porosity hair is a set of 9 natural oils that work actively both on the hair surface as well as inside. Additionally, they regulate sebaceous glands.

Radiant, soft hair with increased volume, free of dandruff and non-oily – only NANOIL can provide all this.

Secondly, nourishes and improves hair appearance by strengthening bulbs all the way to the ends.

If your hair is not in the best condition, its ends become dehydrated and you start noticing hair loss – you have medium porosity hair. There is a separate version of Nanoil dedicated for this type of hair. It will improve the appearance of strands, stop hair loss, strengthen the roots, and at the same time enhance hair. It is the end of frizzy and dull hair! Nanoil hair oil not only takes care of the internal keratin structure of hair, but also protect it during styling and enhances its beautiful appearance, improving radiance, vitality and resilience.

Thirdly – deeply regenerates hair and bulbs by repairing damages on the surface and invigorating follicles.

If your hair is in a very bad condition, its is brittle, sparse, dull and rough – you should reach for Nanoil for high porosity hair. Extreme level of damage is referred to as high porosity. Nanoil is the only remedy that is able to change your porosity by regenerating strands and repairing damages on the hair structure. What is more, Nanoil hair oil stimulates hair follicles to work and thus thickens hair, which begins to grow more quickly, delighting with health and resilience.

Another advantage of each of the three Nanoil oils is that nobody dictates how often, when and how you should use it. This can be done in many ways, by applying it to dry hair, only to the tips, rubbing into the scalp, adding to hair conditioner, applying to wet strands, wash it off like a mask or leave in to protect your hair throughout the day. Brilliant! Just be aware that the extremely damaged hair requires in-depth regeneration. Therefore, Nanoil should be applied to hair and scalp at least once a week. Bravo, Nanoil!

18 Comments “Iconic hair oil – NANOIL – breakthrough in hair regeneration”

  1. Evvie

    I got this oil recently as a gift & it’s a nice surprise 🙂 I didn’t hear about it before and didn’t use hair oils too often but now I do it regularly 🙂 With this oil the treatment is better cause it’s easier to apply and wash off

  2. Anette89

    I had the version for high porosity hair. My hairdresser recommended it bacsue I had really damaged hair becasue of too much straightening. It’s stunning and really made my look so much better. I’m gonna use it again, for sure.

  3. Susie

    I’ve just started applying hair oils cause my hair is weak, falls out and I started using castor oil. It’s thick, hard to apply and afterwards I must wash my hair even a few times. I also don’t like the fact that my hair gets greasy fast now. I don’t know if it happens with every oil? Or I do sth wrong?

    • Doris

      Castor oil isn’t good for all hair types and it’s really hard to apply it to hair. There are other growth stimulating oils which are easier to apply. Still, if I were you, I’d get Nanoil because you can choose a version right for your hair type. It helped me a lot when my hair started falling out in handfuls.

  4. Madeleine

    I had a similar situation 🙂 I was in love with Kerastase until I came across Nanoil. I like everything about this oil and not gonna replace it with a different one 🙂 <3

  5. Mayaa

    I’ve started testing Sesa recently. I still can’t bear the smell but I must see if these Ayurvedic oils are so amazing. When I use it up I’m gonna try this one:)

  6. Isabell

    it didn’t work for me, my hair looked really bad

    • oowl2

      You must have picked the wrong version for your hair type. It was similar for me with coconut oil. Everyone says it’s the best hair oil but on my hair – a complete failure.

  7. Dorothy

    I haven’t heard of this oil before, it sounds promising 🙂 guess I’m gonna get tempted and get it 🙂

    • miss_B

      i’ve seen this oil on instagram and a few blogs, it got really good reviews

  8. addie

    I can hear about hair oil treatment more and more often, I must give it a try at last 🙂

  9. Elle

    A total stunner!

  10. Annie

    Where can I buy it? Haven’t seen at any stores.

    • Elle

      I ordered mine on the official website

  11. Ginnie

    I just can’t believe that an oil lfits hair at the roots, I’d say it’s just the opposite ad it leaves hair greasy and weighed down

  12. Ameliee

    Hair oil treatment really helped me with oily hair. all shampoos and coditioners failed.

  13. rosiee5

    high-end quality, great effects, too bad not everyone is gonna like the price

    • Carmenn25

      It lasts very long so the price isn’t that high. Tbh, if you wanted to buy all oils included in nanoil separately you’d have to pay a fortune.


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