Sanex Dermo – Gel Shower with Natural Ingredients

Sanex is a brand manufacturing body care products, which bases its cosmetics formula on one rule – they have to have non-chemical formula and contain only natural substances. Such approach allowed development of moisturising and protecting Sanex Dermo gel showers. What gel showers will we find in the brand’s offer? What is the difference between them?

Sanex Dermo Protector

Sanex Dermo Protector gel shower is a cosmetic providing gentle care for normal skin. It is the most universal formula for everyday skin care. Sanex ensures strengthening and protection against damages (e.g. rough sponge or hard water) of natural skin pH. Dermo Protector gel shower from Sanex provides three benefits – moisturises, protects and balances skin pH.

Sanex Dermo Sensitive

Sanex Dermo Sensitive is a cosmetic ensuring delicate care of sensitive skin. Formula of Dermo Sensitive gel shower was created, so it would nourish sensitive skin in bath or under the shower. It keeps natural pH levels of skin, while protecting it and moisturising. Thanks to content of lactoserum (ingredient rich in milk proteins), Dermo Sensitive from Sanex is a perfect soothing formula for skin irritations.

Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate

Skin treatment with Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate deeply moisturises very dry skin. Demanding very special care skin, which suffers from lack of hydration can be easily irritated. Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate gel shower is a formula with exceptional ingredients, which work to restore proper level of hydration in skin, strengthen its protective barrier, but also provide balance.

sanex-2Sanex Dermo Moisturising

Sanex Dermo Moisturising gel shower is a moisturising treatment for normal and dry skin. Combination skin (e.g. normal prone to dryness) requires formula enriched with dermo oils. Sanex Dermo Moisturising restores natural hydration level of skin, softens and makes it flexible and revitalised.

Sanex Dermo Deep Clean

Deep Clean gel shower from Sanex is dedicated for normal and oily skin. Micellar formula of Sanex Deep Clean is supposed to provide skin cleanse out of all pollutions and sebum. Gentle formula of gel shower from Sanex, without soap or oils ensures proper cleanse of skin and pores.

Sanex Dermo Hypo Allergenic

Complex care of exceptionally sensitive skin is a job of a hypoallergenic formula of Sanex Dermo Hypo Allergenic gel shower. Product has neutral scent and is supposed to nourish very sensitive skin, provide right moisturise, gently cleanse it and eliminate irritations. Dermo Hypo Allergenic is a way for moisturised skin, relief and feeling of comfort.

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