Most Recommended Brow Pens – OUR PICKS – Meet The Best Brow Pen

Most Recommended Brow Pens – OUR PICKS – Meet The Best Brow Pen
Ever since brows became the most important makeup feature, there has been a boom for the ultimately-refined microblading treatment. However, making tiny hair-like incisions on the skin to deposit pigment doesn’t sound very appealing to many women. Fortunately, there is another, painless, and way less expensive way to achieve #tattoobrow. A good brow pen delivers a microblading effect painlessly! Which brow pen is the best? To find out, check out our top picks.

How to choose the best brow pen?

Wondering how to find a good and eagerly recommended brow pen that will provide you with the most precise makeup and draw the thinnest lines that mimic real brow hairs? We found one just like that. We’ve rounded up the best brow pens considering:

1. A long-wear formula
A good brow pen must be highly durable and resistant to water, sweat, and smudging.

2. The applicator
The tip of a brow marker is a very important aspect. The most popular come with tips resembling a thin feather which ensures the highest precision.

3. Ergonomy and comfort of use
Your best brow pen should be thin enough to fit well in the hand. If it’s too thick and heavy, it will prevent you from drawing a perfect line.

4. Price
Make sure you choose a product that is of the highest quality and comes at the best price. I assure you that such a brow pen exists!

5. Colors and shades
A good brow pen should come in neutral and refined colors that suit every brow and skin tone: warm and cool.

Most recommended brow pens – RANKING. Meet the best brow pen.

If you’re looking for a more convenient and painless way to style your arches perfectly, a good brow pen is a perfect solution. This unique product is an innovation in brow makeup! Which eyebrow pen is the best? Which brow pen to choose? You no lounge have to struggle with these questions. Check out our top picks and choose the most recommended brow pen that works best for your makeup.

1.Nanobrow Microblading Pen

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RATING 10/10

If you dream of beautifully defined eyebrows, perfected down to the shortest brow hair, then you’ll just love the Nanobrow pen. With no doubt, this is the best brow pen and at a shockingly excellent price for such quality! You could write a poem about how well it fills in the brows. No wonder this brow pen receives so many great reviews and is so eagerly recommended. It comes in five lovely shades, all natural-looking and neutral that work for any complexion. The formula is waterproof and the pen is super refined to allow you to create ultra-thin lines. It fits well in the hand and works great, as even professional makeup artists admit. This brow pen is spill and splashproof and provides perfect makeup every time – the kind you’ve always dreamed of! You can confidently say it delivers the effect of microbladed brows. You simply have to check it out!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Micro-Stroking Detailing Eyebrow Pen


According to many makeup artists, this is the best brow pen that Anastasia Soare could have created. After all, the title of “queen of eyebrows” obliges. Unfortunately, it comes at a high price but you are sure to appreciate one of the best tips for creating precise hair-like strokes. The formula of Anastasia Beverly Hills Micro-Stroking Detailing Brow Pen is long-wear and looks great on the skin. The pen doesn’t stain or spill during application. It comes in nine shades, so finding the right one to match the shade of your brows shouldn’t be difficult. The shades range from cool to warm tones, although owners of red hair may have a little less luck, as the shades focus on brown and blonde hues. This is an eagerly recommended brow pen, which, mainly because of its creator’s name, is known worldwide.

3. Urban Decay brow pen + waterproof pencil


This brow pen from the renowned brand Urban Decay is also marked high in our top picks. UD cosmetics impress with their quality. Is that also the case with this brow pen? Can we confidently say this is the best brow pen? Certainly one of the most noteworthy ones and also quite unusual. A pleasant surprise is that the product is double-sided, with a pen on one end and a brow pencil on the other. The shades of the pen and pencil complement each other, and the pencil comes with quite a good tip, although it’s not the thinnest one you can find in drugstores. It’s more for defining brow lines than drawing thin lines. The downside to this duo is that both the pen and the pencil are half the size since the casing has to accommodate two products. The Urban Decay’s brow pen is waterproof and quite lightly pigmented.

4. Tarte Big Ego DIY


This is a good product from a renowned and well-respected brand: no wonder it is such a highly recommended brow pen. It is distinguished by its unusual, slanted feather tip. This tapered tip is used for gentle strokes to create a more realistic effect of real brow hairs. Does it work? Opinions are divided and it all depends on your preferences. The Tarte Big Ego brow pen comes in three shades and is water, sweat, and smudge-proof. Its huge advantage that’s praised by many happy users is that it contains tea tree oil and vitamin E, which nourishes brows and moisturizes the skin.

5. Stila Cosmetics Stay All DayBrow Color


Stila Cosmetics’ Stay All Day Brow Color brow pen comes with a refined and pleasant thin tip that helps you create thin lines. However, the tip could be a bit longer to ensure a more precise and definitely easier application, but it’s still a truly decent brow pen. This is the only product with a formula enriched with moisturizing honey, aloe vera, and chamomile extract. The formula is waterproof and does not smudge during the day, and for this reason, this brow pen is quite eagerly recommended.

6. MAC Shape + Shade Brow Tint Pen


Another recommended eyebrow pen has gained popularity due to its unusual feature: its one end is equipped with a pen for filling in eyebrows, while the other end includes a satin brow powder. This feature ensures the pen can not only create hair-like strokes but also fill them in with the powder. The MAC brow pen comes in seven pretty and natural-looking shades. Has such innovation made it the best brow pen? It’s certainly the most interesting one. It’s just a shame that the powder runs out quite quickly. Fortunately, you can use the pen much longer.

7. Benefit Precisely, My Brow


A very interesting and quite highly recommended brow pen, with a special micro-filler. Benefit Cosmetics has created quite a decent brow pen that allows you to build up the coverage, and its tip is different from all the others: it’s a 3-prong tip that draws 3 lines at once instead of just one. You need quite a lot of skills to fill in your brows with it as pressing it too hard against the skin or a moment of inattention means the lines blend, forming an unpleasantly one thick line. The formula is waterproof and dries quickly, so if something goes wrong, it’s difficult to do any touch-ups. The Benefit brow pen is available in four shades.