NANOIL Hair Oil. Maximum Hair Care Benefits

If you’re a fussy customer when it comes to beauty product purchase, if you set the bar really high and if you demand immediate effects, surely you will fall in love with NANOIL Hair Oil. This is a product that provides everything that hair needs to rebuild itself… and even more! Owing to NANOIL, a luxurious and, what’s even more important, conscious hair care finally becomes fact. Intrigued?

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Oils and Hair Oil Treatment: Why Is It Worth Giving the Treatment a Try?

If you haven’t heard about hair oil treatment and if you haven’t taken benefit of the natural oils beauty boon yet, let’s give you a hint: it isn’t only the latest trend in hair care but also one of the finest beauty treatments ever used.

The effects of hair oiling are comparable with the hair treatments offered by professional beauty and hair salons. Many women claim that regular hair oiling delivers the same effects as hair lamination procedure or hair vitamin shoot. After all, this is a primeval hair treatment with its roots deeply grown in the medicine and philosophy of the East. Hindu women have been applying oils to their hair from time immemorial. No wonder why their hair is recognized as the quintessence of beauty.

What’s NANOIL Hair Oil?

NANOIL comes into existence as the outcome of the fascination with the natural oils and the regenerating properties they display. This is a hair cosmetic of well-balanced composition. It’s available in three versions. Each of them contains different blend of oils and set of regenerating substances owing to which NANOIL Hair Oil perfectly matches to a particular hair kind. The easiest way to describe both the condition and type of hair is by defining so-called hair porosity. When realizing which porosity your hair is, you can consciously define its condition and choose the type of care that strands require. In other words, you will be able to provide your hair with care that is on point.

NANOIL, Oils Matching Hair Porosity… So, Matching What?
In simple English, hair porosity is the way hair looks. In general, recognizing our hair porosity is crucial because it has a direct influence on the condition and health of our hair. The overlapping keratin cuticles, which create a coat that protects the cortex, may be either slightly or significantly risen. In terms of hair health this means that the more hair is damaged, the more the cuticles are risen. And this is how high porosity can be described. On the other hand, the more tightly the curricles overlap one another, the lower hair porosity. In general, there are three hair porosity types:

– low porous hair having closely overlapping cuticles
– medium porous hair having slightly risen cuticles
– highly porous hair having significantly risen cuticles

As it isn’t hard to realize, each type of porosity requires other methods of dealing with it. Sadly, substances used in classic cosmetics aren’t able to adjust themselves to match a particular porosity. NANOIL handles this task perfectly. It’s like matching the right key to the corresponding keyhole.

How to Define Hair Porosity?

Is it hard to define hair porosity? Surprisingly, it appears that it’s very easy! Just by taking a closer look at hair, women know what state their strands are, what they would like to change and why they aren’t fully satisfied with in terms of hair looks.

Furthermore, a hair porosity test can be easily found on the Internet. Short and pointed questions regarding looks and daily hair care will help you recognize the type your hair is and what kind of regeneration it requires.

Which NANOIL Hair Oil to Choose?

Do you want to have just one, well-matched natural oil blend that answers all your hair needs? Paying a closer look and examining your hair will help you with that. Thanks to this, you will surely notice that:

● thick, heavy, flat hair which gets greasy frequently and is hard to style – this is low porous hair which should be matched with NANOIL Low Porosity Hair.nanoil hair oils

The result obtained after NANOIL use: hair becomes light and soft, is full and pleasant to the touch. NANOIL handles greasy scalp, accelerates hair growth, lifts hair up at its roots and makes hair more manageable.

● thin, often unruly and frazzled hair that often loses moisture from their inner structures and becomes dull – this is medium porous hair which should be matched with NANOIL Medium Porosity Hair

The result obtained after NANOIL use: hair gains damage protection, shine and nourishment delivered to its entire length, even hair ends. NANOIL prevents hair loss, strengthens it structure, tames, smooths and adds vitality.

● significantly dehydrated, brittle hair which condition is clearly bad, matte, with neither shine nor life; hair that falls out and, in some cases, stops growing – this is highly porous hair which should be matched with NANOIL High Porosity Hair

The result obtained after NANOIL use: hair gradually starts locking in moisture, wins elasticity and gloss. NANOIL aims at brittleness, improves scalp condition, nourishes hair bulbs and accelerates hair growth.

NANOIL Hair Oil. Composition

Just the selection of natural oils that each version of NANOIL is made from makes it an exceptional beauty product. Yet still, this cosmetic has more to offer then that. Depending on NANOIL version, you can find:

– vegetable extracts responsible for stimulating hair growth
– vegetable extracts that slow down hair loss
– UV sun protection filter
– vitamins A and E, which are recognized as anti-oxidants boosting hair vitality
– hydrolysed silk which moisturises and improves hair structure
– lanoline that softens, lubricates and smooths hair
– keratin responsible for rebuilding hair structures and fixes damages
– panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) moisturises, smooths hair and prevents flat hairnanoil hair oil

How to Carry out Hair Oil Treatment with NANOIL Hair Oil?

Hair oiling is a super easy task. You need to cover the entire length of hair (best if damp, right after washing) and scalp to follow with a delicate head massage so as to boost blood circulation. This, in turn, increases absorption of active substances that oils have. After 30 minutes you can remove the oil using a shampoo, blow dry the strands and style as usual. You can carry out the procedure once or twice a week if your hair is really damaged.

NANOIL Hair Oils are potent enough to deal even with the most damaged and fatigued hair. They regenerate, nourish, improve looks and protect hair and skin. Replace an array of ill-matched hair cosmetics with just one, dedicated product. NANOIL equals hair care that is on point.