Lashcode Mascara – Total Make-Over of Your Eyelashes

beautiful eyelashes with LashcodeIs mascara enough to make your lashes beautiful?

There is something surprisingly magnetic about mascara – we always count on spectacular butterfly-wing-like eyelashes. Is a mascara able to deliver the effect? Yes, if we know which one to choose. Lashcode is an example of such a stunner – a mascara that has stolen the hearts of women worldwide. Check why it is said to be the best mascara.

Lashcode Mascara – be like a make-up artist!

It is unusually simple and comfy: all thanks to an ideally-shaped spiral wand. Thanks to the brush, you are going to effortlessly coat even corner lashes, optically boosting lash volume and intensifying the effect of multi-lashes in a few seconds.

The silicone brush was devised to precisely separate, style, curl and lengthen eyelashes, and gradually build volume with next coats – no clumping. The wand guarantees a comfortable make-up routine, without smears on eyelids or mascara flakes.

Lashcode – a lash-fixing mascara

A mascara which contains an array of high-quality regenerating ingredients is rare. Lashcode gives a flawless coating. Also, it conditions, enhances, improves the structure and protects lashes. The vitamins, plant extracts and UV filter take credit for that. Such a set of nutrients:

  • deeply nourishes and reinforces, starting with the bulbs
  • makes lashes grow longer, healthier and more beautiful
  • ensures better structure
  • provides resistance
  • restores bounce, vitality and shine
  • makes sure lashes are never dry
  • guarantees the perfect level of hydration
  • regenerates
  • stimulates lashes to grow

Lashcode Mascara – there are various shades of black

Lashcode includes a natural mineral pigment which gifts lashes with the intense black hue and makes them look amazing in every lightning. The pigment, known as Magnetite, is among the best natural pigments which are characterised by durability, saturated shade and conditioning properties: moisturises, regenerates, reinforces and slows down the ageing processes of the tiny hairs.

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17 Comments “Lashcode Mascara – Total Make-Over of Your Eyelashes”

  1. Liz

    the effect realy blows my mind, girls. lash extension and amazing curl all day looong

  2. silly_lilly

    this mascara has great consistency, the brush has perfect shape and reahces every even tiniest lash, no clumps 🙂

  3. Black_T

    It’s not the first positive review I see 🙂 definitely must give lashcode a try

  4. Queen_LA

    Looks very interesting. I must get it after next payday 😀

  5. party_animal

    Intense alluring black color, maximum extension and extreme durability! most mascaras flake off my lashes, not this one, though. It gives a curl and leaves lashes clump-free. I recommend it to everyone

  6. Greete

    It has no flaws, really <3 on my lashes it look marvelous

  7. Ellie

    Lashcode gives EXTREME extension doesn’t make my lashes much thicker. still, the brush gives a lovely curl 🙂

  8. sk8r_gurl

    Encouraged by raving reviews of this mascara, I bought it and… have no regrets 🙂 It lives up to all of my expectations and contains lash-enhancing ingredients, wow! It’s my TOP mascara and it’s going to stay with me looong 🙂

  9. Klaraa

    At first I was unsure of this mascara because I’m more into old-time nylon-bristle brushes but now I’m glad my friend convinced me to try it 😀 longest lashesss I’ve ever had 🙂

  10. pastaLover

    I’m dying to check how it works on my lashes 🙂

  11. beautyFreak

    It has a lovely ultra-black color <3

  12. Ann Path

    Price is quite big but it may actually be good value for money 🙂

  13. green_girls

    The effect I’ve been looking for! 🙂

  14. Asana

    I used it and it’s without doubts my favorite 🙂 Now I’m testing a different one but will go back to lashcode, numerously.

  15. black_widow

    I’ve heard so many good things about lashcod but never had a chance to actually try it 🙂

  16. N_cave

    I’ve been testing it for approx four weeks now and it’s really worth the price 🙂

  17. LilyP

    Flaweless product in a fancy tube <3


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