How can you perform double cleanse?

Double cleanse is a method used by Asian women during evening skin care. By using proper cosmetics and massage techniques combined with skin cleanse, they can efficiently remove make-up and impurities, which gathered on the surface of the face during the day. If you also want to have impeccable, beautiful and clean skin, then you should try double face cleanse.

Phase one – oil-based cleanser

Skin care with cosmetic oils became really popular lately. Among bloggers it is called OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). Cosmetic oils help in dissolving sebum and removing make-up along with impurities gathered on skin. On top of that, oils help in preserving right level of hydration in skin, in regulation of sebaceous glands, they regenerate irritated epidermis and condition acne skin. How should you perform first phase of skin cleanse? Pour small amount of oil on hand and apply it on face; don’t forget about neck and cleavage. Perform massage to tone up skin, then wet your hands with water and massage face till the moment when oil and water turn into emulsion. Finally, wash your face with warm water.

double cleansePhase two – foam cleanser

Skin care with foam cleanser is supposed to deeply cleanse skin, including pores and areas of face, which are difficult in reach. Cosmetic should match skin type, and its composition has to complement substances contained in cosmetic oil. How should you use foam cleanser? Small amount of product apply on hand and perform short massage of face, then wash face with cold water to close pores.

How to “turn up” properties of double face cleanse?

Every few days do the scrub, it will exfoliate dead skin cells, smoother wrinkles, lighten discolourations and tone skin up. Before application of cosmetic oil and foam cleanser, wash your hands. Try not to touch face with dirty hands – it can lead to increased sebum secretion or to skin irritations. Very important part of double cleanse is massage. This treatment makes skin elastic, strengthens collagen fibres and relaxes.

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