Essential oils for Valentine’s Day. Which oils are the best for massage?

January is now over so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. No matter if you are for or against this holiday, you can always make a good use of essential oils massages (which are strictly associated with lovers, aren’t they?). Massage can be a great method of spending relaxing time for both or as a moment of the lessening of tension for only one person. All you have to know though is which essential oil to choose.

We are presenting a few categories of oils which are perfect for giving your beloved relaxing massage. Contrary to what one might expect, the oils do not necessary have to be bought in a drugstore. What is crucial instead, an essential oil for massage has to match our taste (the aromatic one obviously) because aromatherapeutic purposes of the oils are the most important.

Oils from your kitchen shelf

Who said that oil for massage has to be bought at a chemist’s? Several of such soothing products are already stored in our kitchen. Open your cupboards and look for a coconut oil (no matter if it is food or cosmetic version of it), non-refined palm tree oil, grape seed oil or mustard oil. Obviously, we do not use food oils only.

Aromatherapy-MassagePlant extract oils

Natural oils extracted from seeds or nuts are the best possible options for relaxing massage because they provide our skin with precious nourishing substances. Among the plant oils used in cosmetology – which work perfectly for massage – we can use, for example, argan oil, sweet almond oil, wild rose oil, raspberry seed oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, jasmine oil and avocado oil. This group of oils is composed of many other natural substances, each of them carrying other set of properties.

Oils from a chemist shelf

Chemists’ offer is full of all possible products designed for massage, which contain at least one of the above-mentioned oils combined with various nourishing substances. Massage oils are available in plenty of forms. The most popular ones are sold in bottles ended with a pump dispenser. The most extraordinary ones have a form of a candle, which has to be applied using a spoon once the ‘wax’ melts.

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