Chocolate – An Allay in Woman’s Fight for Beauty

In what way chocolate can be a women’s allay in fight for beauty? It may seem that chocolate is responsible for our biggest problems – few pounds more to the weight and skin imperfections, which cannot be covered with even the best concealer and foundation. Wrong. Chocolate is a valuable cosmetic!

Chocolate SPA has increasing popularity, however chocolate treatment isn’t about eating chocolate in countless amounts. Chocolate is great cosmetic for external use, on the body. In regions of old Columbia, Aztec believe Theobroma, i.e. cocoa tree was a gift from god Quetzalcoatl, and it suppose to symbolise wisdom and knowledge. For centuries, were known revitalising and rejuvenating properties of natural chocolate. No wonder, that in time when we value natural methods of nourishment, we will also value properties of the chocolate.

It is a right moment to discuss how chocolate works. Areas on which treatments with chocolate are performed are based on two properties of chocolate – aromatherapeutic and nourishing.

Chocolate SPAAbout nourishing properties of the chocolate can be said quite a lot. Most of all it is great against ageing processes of skin. Chocolate can be used in getting rid of cellulite, because it combines – nourishment, moisture and regeneration of skin. Rich in micro elements cocoa seeds, used for production of chocolate, provide skin with nourishing ingredients like: vitamins A, B, E and mineral complex (calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus). It also consists of Theobromine (similar to caffeine), which boosts blood circulation, stimulates and gives energy.

Aroma-therapeutical properties of chocolate are also valued in chocolate SPA. It cannot be denied that well-rested, relaxed and happy woman covered with chocolate face mask and body mask will feel more beautiful. Scent of chocolate stimulates serotonin production (“hormone of happiness”) in endorphins, what relates to calming down, nerve soothing, easier falling asleep, strengthening and many many more.

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