3 reasons against washing the face in the shower

Shower is a great opportunity for refreshing the face after long, tiring night (or day). Warm water splashing the face is a perfect time to relax – it is nice, comfy and cheap! Is there anything wrong with it?

If you wash your face in the shower, then stop it right now!

You turn on the water, adjust temperature and pressure, walk under the stream and the first thing pointed against the water is your face. That is an evening or a morning routine for almost everyone, but it’s not only about that. Warm stream whips the face with pleasurable massage. Unfortunately, the benefits aren’t commensurate to the pleasure. Washing the face in the shower is harmful to our skin. Why?


Nobody tells you to take a shower in the cold water, but you need to remember that hot water may cause skin irritations on your face. Face skin is much more delicate than the skin of the rest of the body, so strong stream of hot water may even lead to burns on the face, though, other parts of the body will be OK. Additionally, hot water creates occasion for redness, because high temperature increasingly widens blood vessels.

washing in the shower#2 WATER STREAM SCOURS THE SKIN

Washing the face in the shower is so pleasurable, that usually we allow the water to flow over our face for a little bit longer. Standard face wash is few times shorter. The longer water runs down the face the more natural protective substances (natural pH) are scoured of the skin. Face becomes dry and there is a bigger risk for harmful external factors to damage the skin.


In the shower we usually wash our hair as well, so above the face there are applied few more cosmetics, like shampoo, conditioner or other hair products. Under the stream of water your face is involuntarily exposed to the cosmetics free-flowing down the face skin. The contact of those cosmetics with the skin may lead to irritations on the face.

How to take care of the face in the shower?

It is impossible to entirely protect the face in the shower, because no one will take a shower in the mask. What you can do is limit the contact of hot stream of water (the most important is to not target the face directly) and other cosmetics used in the shower.

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