Strobing – Contouring by Highlighting

What is strobing? It is a method in which we contour face with the light. Make-up strobing is equivalent of photographic strobing, where pictures are modelled with right setting of flash bulb and light. In make-up you’re also playing with light, because for strobing you need just one cosmetic – good highlighter!

Where to start?

From purchase of good highlighter, of course. You can abandon your wet and dry contouring palettes for face modelling and other things you used to use. Replace it with ordinary highlighter, but remember to chose it according to your skin type and complexion. Well matched highlighter cannot be too cold or too warm. Avoid products with clear particles, highly brocaded and unnaturally shimmering or strobing effect can be overdone and emphasise flaws instead of rejuvenate. For help in choosing highlighter you can ask someone from the chemist’s personnel.

When to use the highlighter?

The sequence in which we apply cosmetics matters greatly in make-up, that is why in case of strobing, you need to know when to use your highlighter. First, on the cleansed face skin apply moisturising cream, or BB cream. If you need an additional cover then use foundation matched with your skin type and complexion. Only now you can apply highlighter and then fix it with soft loose powder, i.e. bamboo or rice.

Where to apply highlighter?

In strobing we focus on highlighting those areas of the face, which we want to emphasise. Expressively highlighted should be mostly:

  • Straighten-Hair-Without-the-Use-of-an-Iron-Step-11cheek bones (administer highlighter right above the bone),
  • forehead (highlight central area of the forehead above nose and subtly skim below hair line),
  • eyebrows (apply highlighter just below the lower eyebrow line),
  • eyes (administer highlighter in the inner corners of eyes),
  • nose (slim down nose with vertical line),
  • lips (use highlighter on cupid’s bow),
  • chin (highlight centre of the chin with a subtle spot).

By applying to those few rules you can gain beautiful effect of strobing on your face. Strobing emphasises delicate famine features and makes skin radiant. Skilful performance of strobing can also rejuvenate face.

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