Face Moisturizer, Serum or Mask? Differences, Effects, Uses

What do you need to take care of your skin like a pro? Moisturizer, serum or maybe a mask? What should you pick? You can read about the differences between the three in today’s post. Broaden your face-care knowledge!

Face care is quite complicated. You don’t only need to customize products to your skin type to make them work, but also choose between different types of products. Creams, serums and masks are just three key face-care cosmetics. If we wanted to take deeper insight into the topic, we would also list scrubs, cleansers, mists, etc.

Even choosing between moisturizers, serums and masks is hard. What to use? What are the things that set them apart? Can you use them all at the same time? See essential face-care products and learn to use them in daily skin-care routine.


Face cream/moisturizer

This is surely the most popular face-care product. Most girls use it. It nourishes and locks in moisture but it doesn’t have a strong hydrating effect because it works mostly on the skin’s surface.

There are lightweight moisturizers, perfect for sensitive skins, great to use in the summer, and thick emollient-rich creams that make a great choice in the winter. You must remember to suit a product to your skin type so that it fulfils its role, is absorbed well and doesn’t make the glands overproduce face oil. Let’s look for creams made up of natural ingredients and without unnecessary substances like mineral oil which clogs skin pores. Unsuitable cream for your skin type may even spark the occurrence of acne.

Face serum

A less popular face-care product. Many women are not sure how to use it or how it works so they prefer to stick to the age-old moisturizer. It’s a pity because serum boasts a higher concentration of substances and works more strongly so it is able to fix serious skin problems e.g. hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, dull and dry skin. On top of that, serum works in the dermis, not just on the surface of skin, therefore, effects it produces are more spectacular.

Just like a moisturizer, serum also must be customized to the skin and its problems. A hyaluronic acid-based serum remedies dry skin while vitamin C serum helps you banish dark spots. For aging skin and wrinkles, choose retinol serum.

Face mask

A face mask is another product you can use in your face-care routine but note that it isn’t good for everyday application. Once-a-week use is optimal because it is much stronger than a moisturizer. Masks are higher in nutritional ingredients so the effect is more intense.

As far as types of masks go, there are a few you can choose from: cream masks, sheet masks, peel-off masks, etc. However, first focus on the ingredients of a product to match it to your skin’s needs and then choose the form you like the most.


Let’s answer the key question: which face-care products to pick? Face cream, mask or maybe serum? Some of you may be taken aback but you need to use them all, not choosing just one product. They produce different effects and complement each other.

The best skin-care routine uses each of the three products (matching your skin type and its needs).

  1. Firstly, use serum which penetrates the skin, working from within.
  2. Next, use a moisturizer to nourish, protect and intensify the effect of serum.
  3. Once a week use a face mask before the above duo.

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