Breakfast for beauty. What to eat in the morning to look good?

According to an old saying we should eat a breakfast like a king, dinner share with someone and supper give away to the poor. However, reality is slightly different, it’s quality not amount of the food that has an impact on our health. What should we eat for breakfast? What kind of products we have to add to our morning menu?

1. Cereal

Cereal is undoubtedly one of the greatest sources of fibre. Furthermore, it has lower amount of sugar. For breakfast we can eat not only oatmeal but also barley, rye, wheat or dinkel wheat flakes.

2. Wholegrain bread

Differently from white bread, wholegrain bread or rolls consist much more carbohydrates fibre, vitamin and minerals.

3. Greek yoghurt

All kinds of natural yogurts are a source of protein and calcium, and what is best about them is that they taste great with fruits, nuts or dried fruit.

4. Eggs

Eggs are high protein and low-calorie snack with lots of saturated fat, vitamins (D,E,K,B6) and calcium. Eggs for breakfast have additional advantage in large amount of antioxidants.

5. Fresh fruits

What fruits should we eat for breakfast? First of all, bananas (source of vitamins and minerals), strawberries (rich in vitamin C and fibre), fruits of the forest (high in antioxidants, especially berries and blueberries) and kiwi (full of vitamin C, fibre and potassium). We could numerate almost every fruit by its great properties, however, you probably quit citruses, because of they are rich in sugar.

Breakfast-for-beauty6. Orange juice

Among all citruses, the orange juice, is a proud exception filled with vitamins (like our precious vitamin D). The best will be freshly squeezed, 100% natural orange juice.

7. Wheatgerm

Sprouts for breakfast? Why not? Those from wheat are rich in vitamin E and folic acid. You can add them to your Greek yoghurt or put on your sandwich.

8. Flaxseed

Grind flaxseed (caution – our stomach cannot digest whole seeds of flaxseed) is invaluable source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and anti-cancer antioxidants.

9. Tea

A cup of tea in the morning to your breakfast can deliver large amount of antioxidants. Catechin contained in tea has additional influence on our immune system. The best is of course green tea.

10. Coffee

We associate coffee with its damaging effects, however, it is not entirely true. In fact one cup of coffee to breakfast lowers chance of diabetes, slower ageing processes, lowers levels of cholesterol and is a source of antioxidants.

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