Apply Lash Extensions All By Yourself! Check Out TOP 5 Cluster Lashes!

Applying eyelash extensions all by yourself? Without salon appointments? The thing that used to seem impossible is now reality. Cosmetic companies surprised women by releasing DIY cluster lash extensions for home use. In just a few minutes, every woman can create the dream fan of lashes, without lash technicians. Therefore, it’s time to check out TOP 5 products that top others!

TOP 5 Products for DIY Lash Extension. What’s Worth Knowing before Application?

At-home eyelash extensions still cause mixed feelings among women. Most preferred to get them done by experienced lash technicians, leaving the salon with a stunning fan of lashes adding freshness and glow.

On the other hand, semi-permanent lash extensions have an incredibly bad effect on our real lashes. After taking them off, women tend to have gaps in lashes, and the hairs are simply weaker. This proves it’s not a good option for everyone.

As soon as the first DIY cluster lash extensions were released, women started noticing the benefits of wearing them. Such falsies let us:

  • create any lash style we want in a few minutes. 
  • avoid weighing down natural lashes.
  • make changes and modify the created lash style whenever we please.
  • get natural-looking lashes without salon appointments.

Considering the great benefits, we are not surprised that more and more women go for DIY cluster lashes. Wearing such false lashes brings many benefits. Above all else, it saves time and money.

Manufacturers quickly noticed the growing interest in such products and so they keep releasing various styles of lashes yet not all of them are given a warm welcome.

Finally, let’s answer the question: which brand offers the best DIY cluster lash extensions?

TOP 5, or DIY Cluster Lashes You Must Know!

The round-up of TOP 5 products for DIY lash extension considers some important factors, including:

  • how long the lashes stay put.
  • ease of DIY cluster lashes application.
  • esthetics of the lashes.
  • extra accessories in particular kits.

Considering the above, we have managed to rank five products deserving the greatest deal of attention!

#1 Cluster lashes DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash

Women across the world love the brand Nanolash. It’s been supplying quality and effective eyelash products for many years. The brand’s DIY Lash Extensions are surely the leader in DIY lash extension. Their greatest benefits include:

  • natural-looking lashes – these DIY cluster lashes look stunning as well as mimic real lashes like no other falsies.
  • fine, black band – it seamlessly blends with lash line and adds a voluminous look to lashes.
  • lightweight clusters – you won’t feel DIY Lash Extensions wearing them.

Also, it should be noted that one pack of the lash clusters contains as many as 36 pcs, in three lengths: 10, 12 and 14 mm, which allows you to do endless styles you can only think of. Women can use these for styles like Russian Volume or just delicate lashes for everyday wear. There are as many as 8 styles and curls to choose from so every woman will pick the best set for sure.

It should also be underlined that Nanolash offers extra accessories that are essential for applying cluster lashes at home. In addition to lashes, the lash extension kit contains:

  • Nanolash bonder
  • Nanolash remover
  • Nanolash sealer
  • and lash tweezers

All accessories have five milliliters and last long. The ergonomic, properly-shaped lash tweezers made from stainless steel and covered with the grip-improving coat enable express and trouble-free application of cluster lashes.

The application of DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash takes just 10 minutes. We only need to apply a bonder and wait for 30-60 seconds so it gets tacky, then place the clusters under natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible, and press the segment with the tweezers. As a final touch, we apply a sealer. Anyone will handle such easy-to-apply lash extensions, even if they’re new to lash experiments!

The brand guarantees we can wear the lash cluster for 5 days, however, some girls share their lashes stay put for the whole week!

Summing up, the decision about putting Nanolash on top was obvious. DIY Lash Extensions deserve the distinction!

#2 Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit is next in the ranking. It is a basic lash extension kit to use at home. It includes cluster lashes in three lengths, plus essential accessories for putting them on. Too bad the set doesn’t include a sealer to lock lashes in place and make them last longer. It also lacks a remover to take off cluster lashes safely and fast.

The lash clusters from Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit have a natural design and blend with real lashes, however, we need to apply mascara first. Why so? The bonder from Nanolash kit evens out the lash color, but the Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit doesn’t offer such perks. For a natural look, we need more time spent on the process.

The brand promises the cluster lash extensions from Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit can be worn for around five days, however, it depends on the aftercare. You would need to brush through lashes regularly and stay clear of oil-based  cosmetics. By doing so, you have a chance of wearing these for five days, but it isn’t guaranteed. There’s no clear information whether the cluster lashes are reusable.

#3 Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit

The next position in our round-up is taken by cluster lashes from Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit. These DIY lash extensions come in different lengths and styles to choose from.

With them, you can go for Russian Volume-like eyelashes or more delicate lash extensions. The clusters look a bit faux because – apart from offering different lengths – they look all the same. We think the price is okay, the durability is adequate to the price, but there’s no way we can create natural-looking lash styles using the Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit.

In product details we read the application should take a few minutes. Let us refer to DIY Lash Extensions which take only 10 minutes to apply. In this case, you may need more experience to put them on within the promised ten minutes. Women who apply lash extensions for the first time may have some problems with Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System Kit.

The pack of premade cluster lashes comes with a bond and applicator. There’s no sealer for removing the sticky glue coat which is a sure con. There’s also no remover for fast and comfortable removal and cleaning of the clusters. The manufacturer sells these two separately.

The cluster lashes are supposed to stay put for a few days yet the brand underlines the exact time depends on individual predispositions and aftercare routine.

#4 Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit

The next lash extension kit on our list comes from the brand Amor Lashes. QuickLash Starter Kit, similarly to many other products, contains cluster lashes in different lengths so you can do various lash styles using it.

Only one type of curl is available which may cause problems when trying to adjust the lashes to the eye shape.

As far as the lash clusters go, they’re soft and solid yet you won’t create the natural-looking look with them. The lash clusters look rather unnatural on the eye, therefore, we don’t recommend them for everyday wear.

The cluster lashes application, according to the manufacturer’s promises, takes around 10 minutes, but there are online reviews with women saying that applying these for the first time wasn’t nice and easy.

When it comes to the durability of the Amor Lashes, it is another brand that doesn’t provide the exact time. With Nanolash wisps we know exactly how long we can enjoy the stunning lashes, that is five days or longer. The brand Amor Lashes only mentioned that how long the cluster lashes stay put depends on whether we apply them correctly. That’s a big flaw, especially considering those with little experience in applying lash extensions.

#5 Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI

The last product on our top list is Invisi-Lash Kit from TATTI. These are noteworthy yet don’t deserve a high position in the ranking of TOP 5 products for DIY lash extensions.

The DIY cluster lashes from the brand TATTI are soft, lightweight and latex-free. Too bad there’s a poor choice of lash styles and lengths. These stack up poorly compared with the Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions that come in 3 lengths and 8 styles.

Putting on the Invisi-Lash Kit TATTI lashes, you can create natural-looking delicate lash styles, however, they won’t work for volume lashes. The manufacturer estimates the application time at around 15 minutes. Online reviews confirm that.

The band that these lash clusters are fixed to seems to be problematic. It isn’t the standard black band, but a transparent strip. What does it mean in practice? It is more noticeable on the eye and fails to add a voluminous look at the base of lashes. The clear band is the most striking on women with dark lashes so we don’t recommend them to this group of lash cluster enthusiasts.

The wear time of the cluster lashes from the TATTI Invisi-Lash Kit is estimated at 4-5 days. It is similar to other products so there’s nothing to pick on.

On the other hand, many reviewers complain about the kit being overpriced, especially when compared with the Nanolash cluster lashes. This is the reason why the Invisi-Lash Kit is placed last in the ranking.

TOP 5 DIY Cluster Lash Extensions. Review Summary

DIY cluster lashes are meant for helping women create their dream eye frame. What’s more, they are designed to make that possible within just a few minutes, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

The ranked products fulfill the criteria, however, the Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions are the undisputed leader. They offer a wide range of lengths and styles to choose from as well as can be worn for more than five days – that’s what women share.

You should be aware that only the right product will allow you to achieve optimal results. It’s worthwhile to choose it wisely and consider suggestions from the round-up.

By doing so, you make sure application of cluster lashes is always nice, easy and effective!