Highlighting Foam Strips – Professional Hair Strips for Hair Stylists

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips – Professional Hair Strips for Hair Stylists
Have you heard of Highlighting Foam Strips for hair colouring? If you want your hairdressing salon to keep up with the times, they are a must! The ColorCuts brand has just released foam thermal strips that give you full control over the colouring process and impress your clients.

The polystyrene foam stips are designed for all hair lengths. The lightweight, thermal material is pre-cut and ready to use. Say goodbye to aluminium foil that burns hair and wastes your time.

Take control with ColorCuts!

These high-quality colouring strips can streamline your salon workflow. No more cutting the rustling foil. These glue-free foam strips gain adhesion after contact with colouring products. You can easily apply them to the hair and stay on without any problems.

Highlighting Foam Strips are the best hairdressing gadgets created in harmony with the environment. They are 80% recycled and recyclable. They can save you money, as 200 strips measuring 100×305 mm are enough for up to 800 uses! After use, pop them in the washing machine and they won’t lose their top quality.

Control the colouring procedure

The pleasing to the eye ColorCuts foam strips let you take complete control of your colouring process. The semi-transparent coating allows you to fully control the process and make changes in real time. Say goodbye to tangled aluminium foil!

The extraordinary grip and durability of the strips improve the multilayer colouring process and cuts the time by up to half! The high quality allows the colour to be precisely applied over the entire length of the hair. The fantastic colouring results mean more satisfied customers.

The beautiful colours fulfill an extra role. They can make your job easier when you’re applying multiple colours and want to stop them from blending. The unique foams can make the job easier for your trainees, who will quickly become masters of multi-level colouring.

highlighting foam strips

Lightweight foam strips for all hair types

ColorCuts foams are made of lightweight and thermal material. They work equally well on both long and short hair. They enhance the aesthetics of the colouring procedure and ensure a high level of hygiene.

The polystyrene strips are extremely adhesive and durable. They prevent the colouring products from running off the hair and you don’t have to fold the edges – they hold the colour.

Highlighting Foam Strips don’t only look beautiful, but they are also easy to use and precise. The strips are pre-cut and ready to use. They allow for air circulation between the layers of strips, which minimises damage to the hair. Each strip boosts the colouring process and stays cool on the outside for maximum comfort.

Fast and convenient application, full control over the colouring and no damage to the hair –  this eco-friendly innovation is a real game-changer for your salon. Create the trendy ombre, sombre, flamboyage, balayage or highlights effortlessly.

Fantastic results, high aesthetics and faster colouring – all thanks to the unique Highlighting Foam Strips that will take over your salon! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.